New container return fees in Sydney

25 Jun New container return fees in Sydney

Containerchain implemented in Sydney

In July 2011 the container park industry has introduced an IT solution “Container Chain” to electronically control container de-hiring and collecting in Melbourne.

This system involves the transport operators booking timeslots at the container parks to either de-hire or collect an empty container.  This IT solution was introduced to improve the turnarounds at the container parks and ultimately control the traffic flow that builds up during peak periods causing delays which in turn creates additional costs.

Now Sydney empty container parks are introducing Containerchain effective Monday 2nd July. We have been advised by four of the empty container parks in Sydney that transport companies will be required to book a “notification” (timeslots) in order to access their depots for both de-hires (returns) and export empty collections.

This time slotting procedure will incur fees. The transport company pays the booking fee and in turn will pass this on. Fees may vary between Container Parks and some are yet to be determined.

There is also a possibility that timeslots at these depots will not be available at the times carriers are required to be there. Additional charges for redirection may apply (via yard & lifts) for the redirection of any containers via yards due to lack of availability of a timeslot.

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