Import containers to be weighed in Sydney from 1st July 2012

05 Jun Import containers to be weighed in Sydney from 1st July 2012

Container weighing to commence 1st July in Sydney

In December 2011 we alerted clients that it would be mandatory for all transport operators departing DP World Sydney with an import container to have the container weighed when leaving the terminal. Things have now progressed:


Patrick weigh in motion devices have been installed at the Patrick facility at Port Botany. These devices will capture and record axle and gross vehicle weights of trucks leaving the terminal. They can capture and record weights of vehicles moving at low or normal speeds. They have been introduced following legislation in NSW and will detect overweight vehicles, the new rules to apply from 1 July.

Mass categories are:

Minor 0 – 5% overweight, Substantial >5 – 20% overweight, Severe >20% overweight

Minor and substantial breaches are permitted to travel on approved port precinct roads only to approved container freight stations to have their loads adjusted or managed. Severe category breaches will have all loaded boxes returned to the container terminal.

DP World

DP World is testing their weighing system.

They had an instance recently where they were carrying and weighed a 20’ container weighing just over 25,000kgs. DP World was legally able to do so with the equipment they were using within the port precinct. The scales showed that they were overweight on the axle which resulted in an orange light (For trucks between 0 – 20% over the mass laws). In a live situation they would have be required to redirect the container to an authorised unpack facility.

Severely overweight containers will result in a red light (for trucks greater than 20% of mass laws). The driver will have to turn around and return the container to the terminal.

Both substantial and severe breaches will come at a substantial cost including double delivery, unpack, storage, handling fee, forklift fees and so on.

We cannot emphasise enough the need to make sure that your containers are packed within the required weight limits. Importers must ensure all containers packed overseas must not be overloaded. If they are then your container will be left at the wharf or placed into a storage yard in the Port Botany area.

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