Clemenger International Projects

Best Cost & Least Risk shipping solutions

Clemenger International Projects opened as an agency office for FH Bertling ASPAC region in 2015 to manage Australian and New Zealand based projects as well as support to FH Bertling project offices in Asia and the rest of the world CIP is now a fully operational entity with offices in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne as well as Auckland targeting worldwide mining, oil & gas, construction and power projects.

Scope of Services

Project Freight Forwarding & Logistics

Heavy Lift Cargoes

Ocean / Barge / Air / Road / Rail Freight

Air / Sea Chartering

CIP has considerable experience in providing our clients with a bespoke operation either within their offices or based within our own operation. In line with this philosophy, we design our Project Teams to be flexible and adaptable so that all support staff can operate and perform, either on a semi or permanent basis, In-House, Onsite, or wherever the project may require. This enhances performance, efficiently manages periods during peak times, cements the relationship between the two companies and removes all communication issues between all parties involved in the Project.

The flexible role of the Project Team will allow them to be based either In-House at the Client Office or at the Head Office of CIP or at any facility, as required by the specific needs of the project. The Project Team has the crucial responsibility of accurately compiling, filing, and transmitting all data-related project material and bringing to the attention of the Project Manager all information and material that is relevant to the smooth and efficient running of the Project.

CIP places considerable emphasis on our global communications and purchase order data-reporting capabilities. One of our key logistic processes is an advanced material management tracking system (Web Tracker) which is a web-based stand-alone resource which can operate either independently or can be interfaced with our clients’ materials management, procurement and logistics systems on an event-to-event and day-to-day basis.

Our support network of own offices, representative offices, affiliate companies and specialist agents located worldwide, demonstrated within our regional organisation procedures, highlight our commitment to service coverage on a worldwide basis.

Other Services


Warehousing & Consolidation

Material Management, Inventory Control & Tracking

Export Packing & Crating

General Freight Forwarding

Customs Clearance / Brokerage

Route Surveys & Rehabilitation Studies

Design & Engineering

Marine Surveying

Project Management

Project logistics, be it on a local, regional or global scale is both challenging, complex and carries certain risks. Proper planning, risk identification and mitigation strategies, budgetary strategies and contingency planning are required to manage the complex ever-changing dynamics associated with Project Logistics.

Every project comprises its own unique combination of obstacles and challenges based on the cargo, points of origin and destination and scope of work. CIP Project Logistics experts quickly identify the challenges and the risks, ensuring appropriate contingencies and risk mitigation strategies are put in place. Our team works with clients both at the pre-planning and execution stages, and pride themselves ensuring the client receives the Best Cost and Least Risk logistical solution and that cargo is delivered on time, in full and on budget globally.

Our Project Logistics team can mobilize a range of subject matter experts to any given project. This includes, Heavy Lift Engineers, Project Managers, Shipping & Chartering Experts, Air Charter Specialists, Freight Forwarders, HSSE Managers, Quality Experts, Compliance Personnel and IT Specialists.

This ensures we can provide clients a complete freight management package, providing expertise and management of:

  • Project Management
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation
  • Budgetary Cost
  • Heavy Lift Engineering
  • HSSE
  • Compliance
  • Quality Assurance


Best Cost & Least Risk shipping solutions for Break Bulk, Project Cargos, Heavy Lift Cargos, Liquid and Dry Bulk Commodities.

Clemenger International Projects “In House” Chartering and Brokerage personnel have extensive expertise and worldwide industry experience.

Our focus is on ensuring that our clients receive the best possible commercial outcomes, through providing the most risk adverse solution, whilst ensuring the highest levels of safety and quality of service are maintained.

Our chartering and brokerage service offer includes providing our clients regular market trend analyses to ensure they are kept up to date with all trends and changes to the economic and political climate.

CIP’s in house brokers are aware of all BIMCO documentation, rules and regulations and coordinate freight contracts, spot fixtures, voyage, bare boat and time charters for both tramp and liner tonnage in the container, break bulk, project, liquid and dry bulk markets

Key Contacts

General Manager, Commercial : Chris Nicholson

Chris has brings over 30 years Industry experience to the Company. Chris’s principal expertise is specialisation in the development of both Client and Supplier relationships, risk management and strategic planning. His key capabilities include; contractual and commercial negotiations, key account management and has a hands-on approach to Project Logistics.

General Manager, Projects : Mike Benney

Mike moved to Australia after a successful Project Logistics career in South Africa in 2009. Mike brings to the table over 40 years of Project Management Experience handing over 70 projects worldwide. Mike is currently focusing on optimising the performance and growth of our Project Logistics business, incorporating a clear emphasis on delivering operational excellence to our customers.

Clemenger International Projects

Project logistics, be it on a local, regional or global scale is both challenging, complex and carries certain risks. Proper planning, risk identification and mitigation strategies, budgetary strategies and contingency planning are required to manage the complex ever-changing dynamics associated with Project Logistics which is why Clemenger developed the specialty division: Clemenger International Projects.

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