A Unique CIF Service

Automated systems

Flexible IT integration solutions

Comprehensive database management

Taking Freight Forwarding Further

Through our partnership with various software providers we have been able to computerise and automate our systems to offer our customers flexibility and unparalleled service.

As well as providing unique web solutions and portal access we have developed a platform that gives us the flexibility to offer true business to business (B2B) transfer of data, this enables us to offer IT integration solutions on a global level which incorporate your suppliers worldwide. Our comprehensive database management enables us to monitor and manage key dates of your order and ensure your order is delivered smoothly.

Through our clear understanding of what we can contribute within the supply chain and our ability to map your processes, we are able to tailor an automated solution. This is the Clemenger Difference and enables us to go beyond the traditional limitations of freight companies and offer real B2B solutions in partnership with our customers.

Above all it is our people who make the difference, we are tremendously proud of our ever evolving IT solutions but it’s our people and culture who deliver the value to our clients

Clemenger e-solutions

Clemenger Cloud

A value added tool for bespoke reporting, integrated web booking and complete EDI interface solutions.

Bespoke Systems

Flexibility is a key driver in our culture. We also customise our system to meet our clients individual system specifications rather than taking the traditional industry approach of expecting you to fit into a templated way of doing things.

Product/SKU Tracking

We provide unprecedented visibility at product and SKU level from the time an order is raised all the way to your door in Australia or overseas this can include tracking through free trade warehouse as well as 3PL.


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